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"Good content isn't story telling. It's telling your story well."

Case study | SEO & Content marketing


I'm helping mobile app developer JMango360 on a weekly basis with content marketing. Since the start of this project, the organic traffic increased month over month by 22% and the monthly sales grew 6%.

Case study | strategy, SEO, Content


I'm supporting business information company Graydon on a weekly basis with content marketing. Organic traffic grew 18% month over month organic growth and leads grew 16% in 5 months time.

Case study | strategy, SEO, Content


I'm helping Moes&Griet, webstore for interior products, to improve their SEO and content strategy on a weekly basis. So far, Moes & Griet has seen an increase of 134% organic traffic and increased their sales by 21% .

Case study | copywriting


Tapperuse allows visitors of entertainment locations, like theme parks, to pay per minute through an app. By writing blogs on a monthly basis, Tapperuse has grown 31% month over month in organic traffic.

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